Literary Winners

Area Award Student Name School Grade Teacher Title
Literary Best of Grade Charlie Hart St. Marks Cathedral School 1 Dicksey Sanders The Magic Bird
Literary Best of Grade Rose Trowbridge South Highlands Magnet 2 Rosei Woodley How Butterfly Got Her Colors
Literary Best of Grade Noah Martin Herndon Magnet 3 Ashley Pellegrin My Pet Gecko
Literary Best of Grade Sophia Greer Shreve Island Elementary 4 Shonnee Aiello I'm Sorry Fence
Literary Best of Grade Kennedy Varner Eden Garden 5 DeAnn Bazzell Violence
Literary Best of Grade Dixey Piper Auer Southfield School 6 Leah Thelen Blue
Literary Best of Grade Madelyn Mann Walnut Hill Elementary/MIddle School 7 Pamela McInnis & Taryn Delate Not So Sweet Revenge
Literary Best of Grade Abigail Nickelson Caddo Middle Magnet 8 Lydia Gunn From Here to Eternity
Literary Best of Grade Lilah Nettles C.E. Byrd 9 Ann Osment This Girl
Literary Best of Grade Grace Barney Caddo Magnet High 10 Nicole Ayers Through the Eye of the Beholder
Literary Best of Grade Evelyn Goines C.E. Byrd 11 Debrah Guillot Gold
Literary Best of Grade Christopher Ferrier Caddo Magnet High 12 Kimberly Handrop From Texas to Jungle
Literary Best of Grade Jagger Davis Herndon Magnet K Christine Webb Spring
Literary Elementary Poetry: Free Verse Aashni Shah Eden Gardens Magnet 5 DeAnn Bazzell An Artist
Literary Elementary Poetry: Haiku Jeremiah Nelson Alexander Learning Center 5 Mary Jennings Turtle
Literary Elementary Poetry: Humorous Zaria Curry Evangel Christian Academy 2 Christine Cantrell Slobbery Sitter
Literary Elementary Poetry: Narrative Kaydence Strouse Herndon Magnet 4 Ashley Pellegrin Growing Up
Literary Elementary Poetry: Rhyming Kathryn Thompson Herndon Magnet 5 Ashley Pellegrin Writing Rhymes
Literary Elementary Prose: Descriptive Joseph Willis South Highlands Magnet 2 Mary Catherine Kreamer My Dog Gunner
Literary Elementary Prose: Essay Jett Murray Eden Gardens Magnet K Cindy Harrison Our Foster Baby
Literary Elementary Prose: Humorous Brett Pernell First Baptist Church School 5 Jane Creighton The Blowfish and the Whale
Literary Elementary Prose: Personal Chloe Stepter Evangel Christian Academy 2 Christine Cantrell A Girl with a Voice
Literary Elementary Prose: Short Story Caitlin McDowell North DeSoto Upper Elementary 5 Olivia Robinson The Lie of the Golden Light
Literary High Poetry: Haiku Kelsey Smith C.E. Byrd 12 Kathy O'Neal Spring Morning
Literary High Prose: Short Story Riley Noble C.E. Byrd 11 Deborah Guillot Household Eruption
Literary High Poetry: Free Verse Jaden Phelps C.E. Byrd 9 Ann Osment A Brother's Keeper
Literary High Poetry: Humorous Joshua Mills Captain Shreve 11 Maureen Barclay Bill the Chicken
Literary High Poetry: Rhyming Reygan Taylor Captain Shreve 12 Micheal Scott Everything I Fear
Literary High Prose: Descriptive Emma Doug Caddo Magnet High 9 Janice Houghes Laika
Literary High Prose: Essay Caroline Canatella Caddo Magnet High 12 Kim Handrop Blindness and the Great Gatsby
Literary High Poetry: Narrative Lionel Fraser Captain Shreve 10 Micheal Scott It's Not My Fault
Literary High Prose: Humorous Amaya Sanders C.E. Byrd 12 Kathy O'Neal To My Beloved Sheet Music
Literary High Prose: Personal Narrative Kheri Coleman Caddo Magnet High 10 Jill Carnie Growth
Literary High School Literary Portfolio Caitlyn Hatchett Caddo Magnet High 12 Deborah Morehead Portfolio
Literary Image of ArtBreak Parker Pellegrin Herndon Magnet 1 Melissa France Spring is Here
Literary Image of ArtBreak Aidan Washington Eden Gardens Elementary 2 Angela Hayes Planet Earth
Literary Image of ArtBreak Kaylee Pickett Mooringsport Elementary 4 James Sowell Dancing Lance
Literary Image of ArtBreak Ashton Dykes Universit Elementary 5 Amy Taylor Glimmering Trees
Literary Image of ArtBreak Logan Campbell J.P. Timmons 5 Kirsten McAnelly Outer Space
Literary Image of ArtBreak Jon Michael Calhoun Home Independent Studies 7 Hartarsha Norwood Light Light Light
Literary Image of ArtBreak Madison Barfield Youree Drive Middle 8 Louise Dove Love
Literary Image of ArtBreak Gretchen Upton Caddo Magnet High 9 Janice Houghes parentheticals
Literary Image of ArtBreak Tessa Volcheck Caddo Magnet High 10 Jill Carnie A Limerick for Ludwig
Literary Image of ArtBreak Cali Wright C.E. Byrd 11 Deborah Guillot Perseverance
Literary Juror's Choice Chase Harner Captain Shreve 11 Maureen Barclay Country Trail
Literary Juror's Choice Carson Basinger Caddo Magnet High 12 Kimberly Handrop Dreams Abandoned
Literary Juror's Choice Madison Huckaby C.E. Byrd 12 Kathy O'Neal 12th
Literary Jurors' Choice Belle Doiron Southfield School 1 Jackie Singleton Like the Sun
Literary Jurors' Choice Elizabeth Fanning Southfield School 1 Shannon Martinez The Bread Girl
Literary Jurors' Choice Elijah Stephens University Elementary 2 Amy Elberson Storm
Literary Jurors' Choice Renner Smith Evangel Christian Academy 2 Christine Cantrell Stanky Frank
Literary Jurors' Choice Ada Rumbaugh Herndon Magnet 3 Ashley Pellegrin Farming is Fun
Literary Jurors' Choice Bailey Bustillo St. Joseph Catholic School 3 Lauren Benoit Dream of Peace
Literary Jurors' Choice Ella Hendrick Herndon Magnet 4 Kasie Henderson My Easter Surprise
Literary Jurors' Choice Mia Feaster Summerfield Elementary 4 Dana McMillian Confidence
Literary Jurors' Choice Hannah Graham University Elementary 5 Amy Taylor The Amazing Galactic Aquarium
Literary Jurors' Choice Savannah Jester Herndon Magnet 5 Kelly Rice My Magic Fairy Garden
Literary Jurors' Choice Hayli Mizell Word of God Academy 8 Amber Moulton High Heels/ Low Heels
Literary Jurors' Choice Rachel Davison Evangel Christian Academy 8 Kitly Batterton Don't Mess with My Family
Literary Jurors' Choice Josh Douglas Evangel Christian Academy 9 Margaret Brown Behold the Lamb
Literary Jurors' Choice Andreyia Ross Evangel Christian Academy 10 Stacie Rathbun Generation of I want, I believe, I can
Literary Jurors' Choice Shakira Frierson Captain Shreve 10 Micheal Scott Burning Love : A Response to Gwendolyn Brook's "To Be in Love"
Literary Jurors' Choice Karissa Cook Captain Shreve 11 Micheal Scott The Ringing
Literary Jurors' Choice Kyla Jones C.E. Byrd 11 Deborah Guillot Time
Literary Jurors' Choice Donald Zepeda Fairfield Elementary Magnet K Jerilyn Harris The Clown Runs Into Everything
Literary Middle Poetry: Free Verse Mallory Barlow Southfield School 6 Leah Thelen Ocean Wonder
Literary Middle Poetry: Haiku McCulloch Lawson St. Joseph Catholic School 6 Hallie Franks Magnolia Tree
Literary Middle Poetry: Humorous Kelly Chu Southfield School 8 Paige Wolcott No Manicure Can Stay
Literary Middle Poetry: Rhyming Katharine Williams Herndon Magnet 8 Rachel Miller Dreamer's Ship
Literary Middle Prose: Descriptive Grace Bodily Caddo Middle Magnet 8 Lydia Gunn The Beast
Literary Middle Prose: Essay Abigail Nickelson Caddo Middle Magnet 8 Lydia Gunn Our Generation: Seeking Fulfillment in a Sea of Selfies
Literary Middle Prose: Short Story Emma Elkins Caddo Middle Magnet 8 Lydia Gunn Through the Fire
Literary Middle Poetry: Narrative Conly Stevens Herndon Magnet 7 Ivy Barnes Who I Am
Literary Middle Prose: Humorous Gabriele Williams Evangel Christian Academy 8 Kitty Butterjon Adrenaline
Literary Middle Prose: Personal Anthony Romero Youree Drive Middle School 7 The Three Days
Literary Middle School Literary Portfolio GraceAnne Hodgson Caddo Middle Magnet 8 Lydia Gunn Portfolio
Literary Ruth & Bernard J. Kallenberg Memorial - Best of Show Award Tally Turnbow Evangel Christian Academy 12 Jemima Deutsch Gray
Literary VSAF Best of Middle School Nathenal Sampson Youree Drive Middle School 7 Christi Breithaupt Flying
Literary VSAF Best of Show Madesol Ainsworth Walnut Hill Middle School 8 Viki Wayne My Trip to Africa